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Physical arts Copenhagen Enghavevej 82 C 2450 Copenhagen 

WORKSHOP - Pathfinder with Rebecca Tiger

  • 13 Feb 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM (UTC+01:00)
  • Enghavevej 82C
  • 15


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Feral Festival and PACE presents:

A workshop with Rebecca Tiger that starts with following question:

How can we work more sustainably as artists?

With Pathfinder we are finding new ways through dialogue, with a cultural geological landscape perspective, where we linking performing arts with cultural heritage, history, present and environment. How can we create performing arts in nature and in urban environments without it being an invasive decision or process? How can performing arts pay attention to nature and the citys green areas, communicate sustainability and the acess the healing power of nature. So that we can create a different, healthy and oxygeneted enivroments for the artist in the performing field with the main focus on the freelance artist. 

To create sustainable art for the artist, for the art and for the nature..

To create processes based on a physical location as well as its origin / history, inhabitants of today linked to cultural heritage incl genderperspective. To find new, sustainable, innovative working methods for artist to use existing managed environments in cityscape on urban and rural/nature landscapes.To let the place, the landscape create meetings and meetingplaces rather than venues, actions and events rather than performances and how this can involve participants and co-creators rather than audiences.

 It is not a sustainable situation that freelance artist puts aside a large part of the applied grants at a venuethey will never ever be involved  in and/or be able to influence.

To create a breathing space for the free performing arts is suistanable choose  to prevent that fatigue, burnout, change of occupation does not happen at the furious pace that it does now.

By taking care of our innerclimat as artist we also effect and work with the outher climat and its crisis, since the separation is not there, its just an illusion. 

"Anyone who understands nature takes care of it

better and therefore take better care of himself"

Baz Kershaw - Theater Ecology 2009

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